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Southwestern Indian, Hand Coiled Pottery by Rose Williams, Navajo; 6 1/2 inches in diameter, 6 inches tall.

Rose Williams, the 90-plus year old matriarch of the Williams family, is the one who began doing pottery in this manner. The tradition has been passed down to the third and fourth generations of the Williams family. Alice Cling, the widely recognized and highly regarded Navajo potter, is Rose's daughter. Sometimes Rose’s children and grandchildren help her with her pottery. They can't suppress their predisposition for perfection so get the shape and the polish of the pottery beyond what would be done by a potter of Rose's age. We buy the pieces that are not perfectly shaped or finished - the pieces that Rose has obviously done since she was 90 years old. Having a piece of pottery by Rose Williams is very special. It is wonderful folk art as well as being a piece of Navajo pottery history.

ITEM PRICE:  $220.00
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